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Edutech is a free eld where it can be improved and previous work experience in one of the top edutech companies are lagging some features which students need and we are capable of doing that gap lling to advance the edutech system.

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Exposys Data Labs aims to Solve real world business problems like Automation, Big Data and data Science. our core team of experts in various technologies help businesses to identify issues,oppurtunities and prototype solutions using trending technologies like AI, ML, Deep Learning and Data Science. we follow a human-focussed and not technology driven approach to achieve success in our clients endeavours.

Here From Our Success Stories

  • Exposys Degital

    Completed my internship at Exposys Data Labs as a web developer. It was indeed a great experience at the Exposys Data Labs. I have learned many new techniques and approaches to solve industry-level problems. Special thanks to all the mentors of Exposys Data Labs for all the help.Thank you so much for providing such a great opportunity🙂.

    Exposys Degital
    Kushal P
    Web Developer
  • Exposys Degital

    I have a great experience working on Customer Segmentation Project with Exposys Data Labs as Data Science Intern. Data Science is arguably the most in-demand skill in the industry at the moment. It is the most sought-after career option within tech professionals and students. In fact, Data Science has been termed the Most Sexiest Job in the 21st century . Ever since its advent, Data Science has been used in the industry ranging from sports to medicine and this is down to its potential and capability in unearthing unique insights that drive informed business decision-making. I also wants to extend my gratitude to Vishnuvardhan Y for being a consistent supportive mentor.

    Exposys Degital
    Faheem Ahmad
    Data Science
  • Exposys Degital

    Completed my internship at Exposys Data Labs. I got an amazing experience to work on my internship project topic Customer Segmentation Using K-means. It added a lot of bits to my brain. I am very thankful to Vishnuvardhan Y sir to providing an industry level opportunity.Thank you so much for providing such a great opportunity.

    Exposys Degital
    Ganpat Patel
    Data Science
  • Exposys Degital

    I am so excited to announce that I have completed my Internship in Android Development from Exposys Data Labs. It was great working with Exposys Data Labs.Mentor is very good, very helpful, helped me in every possible way. Thank you Exposys Data Labs for providing me an opportunity to showcase my skills in android development.

    Exposys Degital
    Ujjwal Dhiman
    Android Developer